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Explore Tapachula, Chiapas

Tapachula is the second most important city in the state of Chiapas. It’s located in the Soconusco area, in the southern coast of Chiapas and borders in the north with Motozintla, in the east with Cacahoatan, Tuxtla Chico, Frontera Hidalgo and Suchiate, in the south with the Pacific Ocean and in the west with Huehuetan, Mazatan and Tuzantan. It’s 14 km from the Guatemala Border.

Tapachula, in the skirts of the Tacana Volcano, is the center of the VIII region and is 120 meters above the sea level. With a current population of 271,141 inhabitants it is one of the most important municipalities in the state.

When it comes to beautiful places to visit, some of the major highlights are:

  • The church of San Agustin
  • The Old Municipal Palace (today is the House of Culture)
  • The Hidalgo Park

Tapachula has ideal places for visitors that enjoy outdoor activities. Another attractive region is the one known as “Route of the Volcano” (which comes from the Tacana Volcano) where there are: Izapa Archeological Zone, with constructions of Olmecan influence, although the legacy is from the culture mixe-zoqueana; the region baptized as “Route of the Mangrove” contain: Pozuelos Lagoon, right next to Barra Cahoacan, coming by the Tapachula-Puerto Chiapas Highway, where you can take a tour by boat that will allow you to enjoy the beauty of flora and fauna.